Working Paper

  • Ksenia Gonchar and Maria Kristalova: How innovation affects performance
  • Elisabeth Bublitz and Michael Wyrwich: Technological change and labor market integration
  • Javier Changoluisa and Michael Fritsch: New Business Formation and Incumbents´ Perception of Competitive Pressure
  • James A. Cunningham, Brendan Dolan, Matthias Menter, and Caroline McGregor: The Role and Function of Hybrid Entrepreneurial Centers in Entrepreneurial Universities: A Micro Level Perspective.
  • David B. Audretsch, Erik E. Lehmann, Matthias Menter, and Katharine Wirsching: Intrapreneurship and Absorptive Capacities: The Dynamic Effect of Labor Mobility.
  • James A. Cunningham, Erik E. Lehmann, Matthias Menter, and Nikolaus Seitz: Technology Transfer Policies and Entrepreneurial Innovation: Assessing the Effectiveness of the German Employees' Inventions Act.
  • James A. Cunningham, Hanna Hottenrott, and Matthias Menter: Does Money Buy Entrepreneurial Universities? Insights from Germany.
  • Michael Fritsch, Martin Obschonka, and Michael Wyrwich: Historical Roots of Entrepreneurial Culture and Innovation Activity - An Analysis for German Regions
  • Michael Fritsch, Alina Sorgner, and Michael Wyrwich: Self-Employment and Well-Being across Institutional Contexts
  • Michael Fritsch and Moritz Zöllner: Actor Fluidity and Knowledge Persistence in Regional Inventor Networks
  • Michael Fritsch and Moritz Zöllner: The Fluidity of Inventor Networks
  • Maximilian Goethner and Michael Wyrwich: Cross-faculty proximity and academic entrepreneurship: The role of business schools
  • Viktor Slavtchev and Michael Wyrwich: TV and Entrepreneurship
  • Michael Wyrwich: The effect of being Protestant on entrepreneurial choice
  • Michael Wyrwich: Migration and Regional Development: Evidence from large-scale explusions of Germans after World War II
  • Michael Wyrwich: Women and the labour market in East and West Germany: Socialist legacy and pre-socialist tradition
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